Online Casinos: Why to Enjoy Playing Casino Games?

July 2024

Everyone agrees that online casinos have become popular, and their popularity only grows by the day. After all, they are more convenient, offer more gaming options than land-based casinos, and are accessible to anyone. In addition, you can wake up at 2 am to play your favorite online casino game; no cop will arrest you. The convenience and other benefits of online casinos are why more and more players are ditching land-based casinos.

Online casinos offer a new way of gambling that the advanced tech world welcomes with much appreciation. However, are online casinos all sunshine and no rain, or are there some downsides? Perhaps, land-based casinos have some advantages over their digital counterparts.

Let’s find out as we consider the advantages and disadvantages of playing casino games online.

Online Casinos: Why We Love Them

Why are online casinos becoming more popular, and why do more players prefer them to land-based casinos?

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You Can Play from Anywhere

One of the major advantages of online casinos and why we love them is their remote nature. You can play casino games at any time of the day and from anywhere. Unlike in land-based casinos, you don’t have to travel miles or even a short distance under the hot sun to play games. As far as online casinos are concerned, you only need your smartphone, tablet, or PC with a stable internet network.

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You can play online casino games while you’re on your way to getting something from the supermarket. When you’re leaving on vacation, the casino leaves with you; you don’t need to look for a land-based casino – unless you want to.

Online Casino Gaming Options are Vast

Land-based casinos are limited in the number of games they offer their players – and by limited, we mean very few. This is because online casino games are internet-based, and everything is on the internet. That means an unlimited quantity of casino games is available to players, from card games to several other chance games. So you’re not limited by the low availability of games that characterize land-based casinos, thanks to the vastness of the internet world.

There is no type of casino game you want to play at online casinos that you cannot find. You only need to find one that offers that particular game you’re looking for, and you’re all set.

The Banking Options are Flexible and User-Friendly

Online casinos have the edge over land-based casinos in that they offer flexible and easy banking options to their players. You don’t need to travel down to the ATM stand to withdraw some cash that you’ll use to play. There are dozens of innovative mobile payment systems in online casinos through which gamblers can deposit funds. In addition to the payment systems is the full range of e-wallets and online payment systems offering more convenient transactions.

Gambling in an online casino is convenient because it uses a cashless policy, making gambling on the go possible and easy. So, for example, if you left the house without your credit card (unlikely, but possible), you can still play your favorite casino games

More Bonuses, Better Promotions

There are hundreds of online casinos with several enticing bonuses and promotions to attract new players and retain old players. For example, there is the welcome bonus online casinos offer new players and loyalty bonuses to appreciate the old ones. Some of the bonuses offered to new customers include welcome offers, including no-deposit bonuses, deposit bonuses, and free spins. Some loyalty programs offered to old customers include cash-backs and more, which aren’t present in land-based casinos.

The bonuses and promotions differ according to the casino, and they are part of what a beginner should look for in a casino. Bonuses and promotions are online casinos’ way of promoting their business, retaining old customers, and acquiring new ones.

Online Casinos: Why We Don’t Love Them

As great as online casinos are, despite their obvious advantages over land-based casinos, there are some downsides. If you’re new to online casinos and want complete information, here are some of their disadvantages.

Higher Addiction Rates

Gambling addiction is generally higher, but the idea of online casinos makes it even worse. If you’ve been a frequent visitor of land-based casinos, you’re aware of the addicting thrill of the games. Now, imagine those games being ready at your fingertips such that they’re the first thing you wake up to.

Many players of digital casino games get addicted to them, no thanks to the easy and unlimited access they offer. Problem gambling is a prevalent issue in society, and the difficulty of recognizing or identifying addicts makes it even worse.

More Prevalent Fraudulent Activities

The digital nature of online casinos is both a blessing and a curse. While it offers convenience and simplicity to players, it also makes it more prone to fraud and scams. More cases of players getting scammed on online casinos than on their land-based counterparts suffice everyday.

We always advise new players to ensure they carry out a thorough security check on a casino before signing up with them. Then, register with standard online casinos with great reviews about them to be on the safe side.

Lack of Interaction

The downside to having casino games at your fingertips is that you get to play alone. Online casino games typically have no interaction; you, your device, and the software. You only get any interaction while playing online casino games during live dealer games. Only top-rated casino software vendors offer these types of games.

The lack of interaction in online casinos sucks a little because it makes gambling dull. That’s probably why some gamblers prefer land-based casinos, and some others still visit once in a while.

Best Online Casino Games in 2022

Having learned the various advantages and disadvantages of casino games, you’ve likely decided whether or not to play. There are thousands of casino games that you can find on some of the best online casinos in the world. However, the vast availability of casino games makes it confusing to decide what type of game and variant to play. Moreover, you have a few things to consider before choosing, including game quality, winning chances, and overall experience.

To make the search easier, we’ve rounded up five of the best online casino games to play in 2022. All you need to do now is read up on them and get familiar with their gameplays. Then, sit back with your device, and have the greatest time playing your most preferred casino game.

Cleopatra’s Gold Slot

Cleopatra's Gold Slot

Cleopatra’s Gold is a progressive jackpot slot game where the jackpot goes up every time you don’t win it. The jackpot in Cleopatra’s Gold goes to the next player, regardless of who played it last. It is a 5-reel slot game that features an Ancient Egypt theme and twenty pay lines for the best gaming experience. It has a high 95% RTP with a maximum bet of $100, and Cleopatra represents its wild symbol.

It also has the Scatter symbol, represented by a pyramid; landing at least three of these triggers a free spin. Meanwhile, you get multiplied winnings if you land two to five Scatter symbols. Additionally, Cleopatra’s Gold features the “progressive jackpot element,” which you hit at random and offers higher chances of winning.

7 Fortune Frenzy Slot

7 Fortune Frenzy Slot

7 Fortune Frenzy Slot game was developed by BetSoft, one of the top game developers in the gambling industry. It is a three-reel thrilling slot game with a high 96% RTP; you can play it for free and for real money. 7 Fortune Frenzy essentially functions as a remodeling of the 88 Frenzy Fortune, which is also very popular.

7 Fortune Frenzy has the advantage over 88 Frenzy Fortune because it has more pay symbols centered around the number 7. The secret to winning this game is lining up your wins on the pay line while connecting with one feature symbol on the fourth bonus wheel. If you’re able to, the bonus Frenzy feature will trigger, although your win is dependent on a 2x, 5x, or 8x multiplier. When they spin, the three reels light up with red fire frames, while the fourth lights up with a blue flame.

European Blackjack Slot

European Blackjack Slot

European Blackjack is one of the most popular blackjack games available; there are different types of blackjacks with different playing strategies. You can find this casino game on several online casinos, particularly the top-rated, licensed ones. As with most casino games, you can play the game for free or for real money. If you’re up for playing against competitions, you can also play European Blackjack in blackjack tournaments.

European Blackjack has an RTP of 96.1%; it lets you play three hands simultaneously, giving you a greater edge. There’s no rush in playing the single-player game; you can take your time and figure your strategy out. The game has a pretty straightforward playing technique that anyone who has at least dabbled into blackjack can play. The only downside to this casino game is that it doesn’t feature any creative side bets; still, it is a cool and exciting slot game.

American Roulette Slot

American Roulette Slot

If you’re new to online casinos and haven’t played their games before, here’s a good slot game to try. As a beginner, you don’t want to venture into slot games that require skill to play, like baccarat and blackjack. American Roulette is one of the best slot games designed for beginners; it has a revolving wheel divided into 38. The thirty-eight divisions are numbered from 1 to 36, with the remaining two numbered 0 and 00.

The gameplay of the American Roulette involves tossing a ball into the spinning wheel until it lands on a number. You win if the ball lands on your number or color, and you lose if it falls inside any of the zero pockets. This slot game is different from other forms of roulette in that it has a pair of zero pockets instead of the customary one. American Roulette is an engaging game and offers a variety of bets which you can place at it.

You might want to avoid the bets if you’re a beginner and stick to staking your money on color. However, American Roulette offers various bets, including split, corner, column, and street bets, which are better left to professionals. So while you won’t win as much betting on a color, you’re biding your time and learning the ropes of the game. Soon, you will know enough to start betting on split bets, column bets, and the likes.

Book of 99 Slot

Book of 99 Slot

Book of 99 slot games is one of the casino games with the highest RTP (return to player) percentage. The RTP of a slot game refers to the percentage you can expect to win from playing it for beginners who don’t know. It tells you the chances of your success (or failure) at playing and winning the game. Casino games with RTP between 93 and 96 are considered average, while below 93 are classified as low.

The Book of 99 Slot falls in the high-RTP range with its 99% mark; it offers a rewarding gambling time to players. The “99” in its name is because you have to collect 99 books to trigger its ten bonus free spins. Your chances of winning go up by x5000 when you trigger the free spins. It increases even more if you can land at least three symbols in the Bonus Round, triggering ten free spins.


So, that’s it; we’ve given you the upsides and downsides of playing online casino games and the best ones to play. Overall, we still say online casinos are better than land-based casinos because of their bonuses and promotions. However, we’ve also seen that land-based casinos have some benefits over their online counterparts – like interaction with other players. Nonetheless, playing online casino games is the best, but that depends on the particular casino you sign up with.

We recommend finding and using a trusted virtual casino operator to be on the safe side – and always play responsibly. You can start with any of the top casino games we listed if you’re unsure which game to play. Regardless of what type you choose, the important thing is that you gamble responsibly and focus more on having fun than earning money. Also, do your homework on each casino site and the game you choose before you start playing to decide what works for you.